We have created a list of the 10 top ideas for a healthier week that will have you feeling better in no time.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can seem like a big ‘job’, but where do you start?  There are so many ‘rules’ to follow each day, clean your teeth, floss, eat more vegetables, drink more water, put down the alcohol, the list can be never ending.


The 10 Top Ideas for a Healthier Week

Maximise Your Mornings

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? (see my post on Love Coffee & Can’t get going without it). Is everything a bit of a rush, chaotic mess? Perhaps it’s time to shake things up.

Move your alarm away from the bed so you are forced to get up to switch it off.  Now that you’re already moving, chug a massive glass of water, that’s one of your eight out of the way.

As you sit down to eat your breakfast, instead of doing the social trawl, write down 5 things you are grateful for.  Practice your mindful eating and enjoy the relaxed feeling. Starting out in a calm and positive frame of mind will do wonders for your whole day.


Start with Nutrient Dense Food

Breakfast does not have to be overdone nor stressful.  However, a little planning can certainly set you up for the day in the best way. Keep it simple with whole grains, proteins, fruit & veg.

Now that you’re already up make your breakfast, not coffee & a muffin on your way to work. We’re talking boiled eggs on wholegrain toast with avocado, 5 min to prepare and will literally cook itself while you’re showering.  Instant oats with yogurt and mixed berries. 

If you really can’t do the cooking thing in the morning, try pre-preparing. Chia puddings, Bircher muesli or mini eggy frittatas with mixed veg all make for a great breakfast. Which brings us to my favourite…


Meal Prep

Now meal prep in itself can seem completely overwhelming. If you break it down though, it can be quite satisfying to have delicious meals ready to go.  The benefit of preparing your meals in advance is two-fold, time & health.  You save STACKS of time during the week (think little to no cleaning up each night), and you have the ability to plan your meals and ensure you are eating well.

There are heaps of people that have turned meal prepping into an art (& a lucrative business).  My advice would be to start small.  I spend 2 hours every Sunday preparing a weeks worth of meals.

This small amount of time means that dinner & clean up with two kids takes less than 30 min each night, start to finish.

For tips on meal prep see our blog on meal prepping like a pro.


Snack right!

Snacks… Snacks are tricky, reaching for something unhealthy in the mid afternoon slump can be a sure fire way to undo all your hard work.  Instead be prepared!  Natural Greek Yogurt with a splash of honey, whole almonds and mixed berries is my absolute go to.

Keep fresh fruit on the bench and, if you have a ginormous handbag, in there too.

Always have trailmix, nuts, fruit & cut up veg available for those times when you neeeeeed to snack.  Muesli bars, chips, cookies & chocolate bars are not good choices and can ultimately leave you flat as they lead to a sugar crash!

If you’re looking for some healthy snack inspiration check out our FREE Health Sweet Treats E-book.

Drink lots of Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Our bodies are made up of over 50% water and it is required for basically every one of our body functions.  Have a big glass of water with every meal, that’s 3 + the one we chugged before breakfast – now you’ve had half of your daily requirement.

Always have a water bottle on hand, on your desk or in your bag to ensure you remember to hydrate.

Having enough water makes you feel more alert, function better and will help you feel fuller, meaning less snacking! 


Take a well earned lunch break

Sitting at your desk all day can leave you feeling flat and, in truth, not very energised.  Get out in the fresh air with your (pre-prepared) delicious lunch, sit in a park. Go for a walk. Do some window shopping. Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure it doesn’t involve too much screen time.  Breaking up your day helps it move faster and will have you feeling ready to tackle the afternoon.


Incidental Exercise

This can reap huge rewards.  Get a fitness tracker, these can help motivate you to hit your step target. Get off the bus or the train 2 stops early & walk down to work, just an extra 5 or 10 minutes out of your day. Go for a stroll at lunchtime, walk the dog an extra block, kick the footy around in the park with your kids.

Create your own exercise opportunities.  There are 100’s of workout programs available that you can do at home with no ‘gym’ equipment & programs that take 30 min or less.

Read about starting your own fitness journey.


Built in Relaxation Time

We all would love to sit around and ponder the universe from time to time, but you know, life.  Wouldn’t it be nice to just have some relaxation time, time to do those things for you that you know you should?

Well schedule it!  This sounds counterintuitive to some, schedule & relax in the same breath but, it really is important to have activities in your life that generate a sense of calm from within.

What it is, is up to you!  You might be into Yoga or Pilates or find going for a walk or run calms your mind.  Make sure you schedule the time, be it the same time each day for your own activity, or a couple of hours on the weekend. Creating a healthier week is about looking after all of you.

Find what works for you and commit to yourself and to your health.  Mental health & physical health are intertwined people!


Keep Devices out of the Bedroom

Yeah yeah… No really.  Switching your brain off at least an hour before bed will leave you feeling relaxed and ready for sleep.  We’ve all heard about blue light and it’s effects on the brain so just do it! If your sleep is constantly disrupted or if you get distracted for hours at a time by the devices then it might just be about time to give them up before bedtime. Why not try it out, give it a red hot crack for a week, your sleep pattern will improve!



Time management is one of the things that I have found improves your committment to exercise.  I created blocks of time in my day where I committed to myself I would do certain things. Things like an actual lunch break, time with the kids – distraction free etc.  This also includes exercise.

There are hundreds of free programs, do it at home programs, do it in the park, do it at the gym.  Whatever floats your boat, but, just do it.

We know most gyms bank on the fact that people will commit to long term gym memberships but literally, expect you not to go!  You don’t need expensive memberships or fancy equipment, what you need is that unwavering commitment to yourself to get it done.

These 10 top ideas for a healthier week are the small changes I made that have helped me to change some bad habits. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about making drastic changes. It’s the small steps we take, day by day by day that get us to our goals in the end.

The healthier week habits all centre around the 4 key principles of Sleep well, Eat well, Hydrate, Exercise.


Have some suggestions for healthy lifestyle hacks?  We’d love to hear about them, simply pop your comments in the box below.


XX Carol.