Balance, how do I get it in my life???

Do you struggle to find time to fit in everything you want to do for you? As a busy mum with 2 kids, a full time job and a business I run at night and on weekends, I feel your pain!!! Learn how to balance your life for good, using these simple methods to identify your pain points and to create the days, weeks and year you need…

For years I looked around and saw other families, other mums, with seemingly endless time. Perfectly groomed hair and nails, pre-prepared lunch boxes with gourmet creations inside, spotless houses, time to go to the gym and for a massage. While here I was walking the tightrope, trying to keep up, trying to balance it all, trying not to fall.


Then, at some point, I came to the realisation that;

  1. Every person on this earth has the same 24 hours in a day, no more, no less &
  2. Comparisons aren’t your friend.

Yes, life is a balancing act but there are simple ways you can regain control over your mind, body, time and finances.  Over the next 5 weeks I will detail out these steps so you too can feel in control of your life and get that balance you have been looking for.

  • Creating your Perfect week
  • Taking control of your finances
  • Outsourcing
  • Mindfulness
  • Why comparisons are not your friend


I would love to share with you what I have learned.  This week is all about creating your perfect week.  Note; this is not just a scheduler, and not a quick fix – but putting a little time in now will create more time quality time for you, I promise!

Step 1: Evaluation

Loosely plot out your week on the template provided below. Add in your sleep time, commute, work, time with the kids, time cleaning, washing, ironing,  When did you exercise, family time, time with friends. It’s not a test, so no bullshit. This one is just for you!

How did you go?  Was it easy or difficult to remember what you did with your time this week? Do you have control or just take each day as it comes?

Now think about how you felt at the end of the week... Did you finish the week feeling energized or exhausted?  Did you have enough time?  What do you need to do more of, less of? What took up the most time? Did it add value or was it just necessary?   Do you have enough time?

Step 2: Plan your perfect week

As I said earlier, this isn’t your regular scheduler and planner.  This is about creating balance and harmony within you.  What I realised was that I was able to categorise most activities & tasks under 4 main pillars.  I named these the ‘Pillars of Perfection’.  Against each I set three goals, they might be reoccurring for the week, month or year.  Planning your perfect week is about identifying your pain points and learning how to add balance your life.

You can decide what your pillars are but what has worked for me are these four;

Pillars of Perfection

  • Rest & Recovery
  • Exercise & Physical Health
  • Productivity & Creativity
  • Mental Health & Mind

How to use your pillars

Start with the pillars of perfection and setting some goals.  Use 30 min blocks (you now have 48 to work with in a day).  I have listed some things to consider that work for my pillars.

Pillars Of Perfection -Marx Athletica

Pillars Of Perfection -Marx Athletica



Rest & Recovery

Consider things like amount of sleep and downtime (ie nothing scheduled), time for appointments (yay nails/hair), or whatever you need in your life.

Ideally I require at least 6 of hours sleep per night to function as a person, you may have greater needs.

I ‘schedule’ blocks of downtime on certain days and weekends. This time is then available for family, friends, appointments etc.

Productivity & Creativity

Aim to have a portion of your week set aside for this pillar. 

I include grocery planning and meal prep in productivity because of the time I save. I also run an online business so I need to stay on top of this but not let it encroach on other areas of my life like time with the kids. 

For you it might be taking 30 min or an hour to set budgets, schedule playdates or create an exercise program. 

This is so important to improve procrastination levels (mine are high) and to ensure these tasks don’t weigh on your mind while you’re doing other things.  Which brings us to;

Exercise & Physical Health

Don’t think of this strictly as gym time / workout time. 

One of the most important factors for me in recovering from my traumatic life event was exercise and nutrition. I make time each day to include some physical activity.

There is also a scheduled time to pre-prepare lunches and dinners for the week to ensure we eat well, this frees up time during the week (and ultimately creates more time!) 

I include it in physical health because it is part of the way I look after myself and my family. 

Your goal could be 30 min walking the dog each day, don’t overthink it.

Mental Health & Mind

How you are in ‘the moment’ directly impacts that moment.

You need to remove external distractions and focus on what’s in front of you. 

For a moment, think about what you did on the weekend. Were you distracted by your phone when at the park with the kids or having coffee with your hubby?

Being in the moment is so important.  Remove the distractions, practice mindfulness, chew your food slowly, think about the food, taste the food, watch the kids play, notice how big they’re getting, what they have to say (as nonsensical as it may be). 

In my week every day there are blocks of phone/tech free times.  So once we start dinner prep there is no tech until the kids go to bed.  I am with the kids, we are cooking, eating, doing homework, bathing, reading stories, getting ready for bed.  I am present with them, for them.

During the process continually check back in with your current week, is it possible, feasible, viable… but remember, set your goals to reflect what you need to get that all importance balance. 

Step 3: Pillars into action!

If the goal is 8 hours sleep, colour code 16 squares and drop them into the calendar!  The aim is to create blocks of time that fulfil your needs and goals.  This gives you the space and time to achieve what you want to achieve, without constant overlaps.

You can NOW craft exactly how you would like your week to look. Start making the move to making it a reality.  It might feel unnatural at first to ‘schedule’ every day but trust me, it helps highlight what you need more of, for you!  You don’t have to have a specific task or goal in every minute of your day. Just create the block and colour code it so you can visually see what that time is for!


Use colours that resonate with you, use an inspirational quote or picture.  Put it on your fridge, the wall next to the bed, the bathroom mirror.

Use reminders to enable you to take control of what will make best use of your time and energy. Once you have a basic plan work to refine it each week and set goals for next week.

I also create a ‘perfect work week’.  Since I have structured my workdays my productivity and efficiency levels have significantly improved. I have adequate time for strategic thinking, moved away from doing ‘busy work’ like answering every email immediately. Doing this has created more time and I am able to leave work at the door, creating breathing space for my life!


Baby steps people wink

Balance is about making the everyday, your ideal everyday. Yes most of us have to work, yes, cooking, cleaning, shopping, some things are necessary. But, I encourage you to have a red hot crack and see if you can make a difference in your overall life balance.

I guarantee you will be better for it.

x Carol

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