Meal Prep can be so rewarding.  But it can also be a bit overwhelming, where do you start?

For me it was starting small with a few meals prepped and ready to go for easy dinners.

The value it can bring to your life, in terms of;

  • Time saving
  • Money saving
  • Nutritional benefits &
  • Stress reduction

are immense.  I am a full blown, converted meal prep lover now.  Every week I prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for my family of 4 for less than $200.  Do you want to learn how?

So the caveat here is I’m not a professional ‘food blogger’. I am a mum, I am time poor, both my husband and I work full-time, our kids are in long-day care and before & after school care.

What I wanted was to gain extra time with the family each day, eat well and enjoy our time together.  So please excuse my crude photos & simple layouts – Just come with me…

Meal Prep = A few hours in the kitchen on a Sunday has pretty much eliminated all of my meal prep time during the week
and I literally have saved hours!  

How much did you spend on food this week? 

Do some quick sums… include that cheeky takeaway & the ‘extras’ you picked up at the shops during the week.  It can be scary how much we spend on food in a year, not to mention the waste – you know, getting to shopping day and cleaning out the fridge of those forgotten leftovers and the mouldy produce.


My shopping every week totals less than $200.

This is to feed a family of 4 all week, breakfast, lunch and dinners + 3 extra meals (for the freezer).  I now do all of my shopping at Aldi & if I can, pick up my fruit & veg at the farmers market (which is cheaper still).


For many years I was an Aldi snob.

I used to consider Aldi to be a bit weird & the first time I went in, well, there were random pallets of goods and I didn’t really understand the long conveyor belts and people walking around gathering their groceries in boxes and bags.

What I have now come to discover is that the brands are as good, if not better, than the brands I was buying before.  I wasn’t just an Aldi snob, I was a brand snob!

My shopping bill has literally halved for the same shop!

At some point I did overcome my Aldi aversion and I am so glad I did.  It can be super expensive to nutritiously feed yourself and your family each week.

If you’re interested, let me show you how I meal prep & cater for my family of 4:

 Less than $200 per week.
With zero wastage!
All in 2-3 hours per week.

Where my meal prep journey began

Working full time, long commute, long days, fussy eaters – it broke me.  There was a point in time where I was having to cook up to three different meals a night for one of my particularly fussy boys.  This was just not working for me! I was exhausted, stressed, cranky & we didn’t always eat the best, most nutritious food.

Then I discovered meal prep.  Having meals on hand when arriving home with two exhausted kids at 6.30pm at night, was a godsend.

Now every Sunday I dedicate 2-3 hours on preparing all of the meals for the whole family for the week.  I know what you’re probably thinking…& NO, everything is not packed away in random plastic containers in the freezer and it’s not all spaghetti & stroganoff!  We eat freshly cooked food almost every night.


So what do I mean by meal prep then?

Well dinner each night for our family takes less than 30 minutes, start to finish. Everything is planned and as much of the ‘prep’ required is done in advance.


Download your free meal prep complete guide here.


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xxx Carol

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